Susan Monnin, Megan Webb, my mom Marilyn Monnin and I Steve Monnin were invited by Commander Wagner and Commander Stewart to attend the graduating ceremony for the Police academy class of 22 2011 to present the 1st Daniel Michael Monnin Scholarship to a very deserving cadet. It was a special time for all of us as we had been to this same auditorium 3 years prior for Daniels graduation. So many mixed emotions flowed thru myself and Susan, how was Meagan going to be, how was I going to hold up being flooded with all these memories. let’s just say it started out just like burying Daniel all over again heart breaking. Then this young man Nicholas Williams started reading his speech for his class and what a speech it was, it touched me right in the soul, all I could think of was the painting in my barn that reads never give up with a stork holding a frog in his mouth. The frog is punching the stork as hard as he can so the stork will let him go and not eat him. I had so many tears by now
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