Speech written by cadet Nicholas Williams to His Cadet Class 22 at Columbus State (received 1st Daniel Monnin Scholarship)

May 20, 2015
Susan Monnin, Megan Webb, my mom Marilyn Monnin and I Steve Monnin were invited by Commander Wagner and Commander Stewart to attend the graduating ceremony for the Police academy class of 22 2011 to present the 1st Daniel Michael Monnin Scholarship to a very deserving cadet. It was a special time for all of us as we had been to this same auditorium 3 years prior for Daniels graduation. So many mixed emotions flowed thru myself and Susan, how was Meagan going to be, how was I going to hold up being flooded with all these memories. let’s just say it started out just like burying Daniel all over again heart breaking. Then this young man Nicholas Williams started reading his speech for his class and what a speech it was, it touched me right in the soul, all I could think of was the painting in my barn that reads never give up with a stork holding a frog in his mouth. The frog is punching the stork as hard as he can so the stork will let him go and not eat him. I had so many tears by now I couldn't see this young man only hear his words and oh how they touched me. I thought to myself this young man deserves this scholarship he never gave up no matter the odds just like Daniel. Well, when they got all of us up on the stage and announced the winner I could feel Daniel telling me yea pop's they got it right, Mr. Nicholas Williams a young black man was the first recipient of the $1,500.00 scholarship. This scholarship belongs to everyone who donated their time, energy, money, love, hugs, cards, support, prayers, patience, understanding and stood there and cried with us when we had to say good bye to one of Gods most precious gifts our son Daniel. Without you this would have never happened, every year from now on 1 scholarship will be award to a cadet at Columbus State in Daniels name and memory but it will given because of your love and friendship to Daniel & Megan and my family. I wish I knew a better way to thank you but you have gotten my best shot, God Bless! The Monnins & Meagan Nicholas Speech First, I would like to thank all the grandparent, parents, brothers, sisters, significant others, aunt, uncles, and children for coming to our graduation this evening. Without you I don’t think a lot of us would have had the strength to get through these last six months. Next I would like to thank Commander Wagner, Commander Stewart, and all of our instructors for having the patience and drive to share their many years of knowledge and experience with us. Through these last six months we have been through an extensive amount of training to become prepared for today’s world and the constantly evolving role of the peace officer. We have learned things such as how to assist people in crisis, ways to control a subject when that person needs to be arrested, and how to enforce the law without bias. As a class we have wrestled with each other, did push ups and sit ups alongside one another, and had our fair share of disagreements on how to interpret laws. Through this we have learned to persevere through some challenging situation. When it comes to perseverance this word means so much more to me than its basic meaning. You see this is my second academy class I was apart of cadet class 21 last year. Unfortunately I did not pass the physical fitness standards last year and was unable to take the written test to complete the certification process. Despite the fact that I didn’t pass many positives came from this, throughout this whole process I have lost 120 pounds. I can run faster than I ever did in high school which happens to be 13 years ago, and I have become more humble. My drive to help the community and make a positive impact on people was so intense I continued my training and came back for another punishing round. So to the few who know who they are I asked that you don’t let the ref get to the ten count and this be your final round if this is what you really want. Trust me if anybody knows I know you can do it. Most importantly though, throughout this training we have learned how to become dedicated professionals who uphold and enforce the law. It was once told to me that “being in law enforcement is not just a career it is a profession” and with that I ask that all my fellow cadets remember a few things, the actions of one hurts many in this profession so even when no one is looking maintain your professionalism. In addition to that, please remember nothing in this line of work is routine. Every day you will experience and learn something new. I ask that you let phrases such as routine traffic stop, or routine call never cross your path and that you continue to train and educate yourself. Thank you